It is associated with Norse mythology where Valkyries would take away the soul of fallen warriors. 15. Corruption: The act of corrupting or of making someone or something morally bad. Look to real and fictional villains for evil name inspiration. Also used as a given name, especially in the Goth subculture. Dexter was also the name of a serial killer. Typhon: The deadliest monster in Greek mythology who was said to have 100 heads and 100 snakes for hair. 69.Fox (English origin), the name of an animal associated with being cunning. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitution for professional health services. Originating from ancient Germanic, Oliver stands for an elf warrior. Kidadl cannot accept liability for the execution of these ideas, and parental supervision is advised at all times, as safety is paramount. Nemesis: The Greek goddess of revenge and retribution. All Rights Reserved. Georgia: English name derived from the Latin word for farmer, 10. (Saigai) This name means disaster or calamity. Its a great choice for a baby born during difficult times, or for a child who seems to bring bad luck wherever they go. Cataclysm: A sudden, violent, and widespread change or event. 9.Jezebel (Hebrew origin) meaning an impure follower of idols. Hayden: An English name meaning heathen, Hayden is perfect for parents who want their child to have a bad-boy image. English retired footballer Aiden Witting Palmer is a popular bearer of this name. 4. Lochlann: Lochlann is another Scottish name that means from the land of lakes.. In French, this name means bright protector. Aghanashini Other times, they choose names that reflect the opposite qualities. #6. 300+ Strong Black Baby Boy Names for 2023. He reigns over an army of giant locusts, the size of horses. Thana - This is an Arabic name meaning "death". Can also be used as a given name. Eris: The Greek goddess of chaos, strife and discord. The dog demon (inu yasha) is another name for the dog demon (inu yasha). This is a list of submitted names in which the meaning contains the keyword. In Celtic, an Agrona is a battle or slaughter. 1. Gifflet. In the Korean language, this name means fierce advance. creative tips and more. Natural disasters are great forces that challenge humanity. Find more similar . Destruction (English) The act or process of destroying something, 8. Aegialea: Greek mythology name of a nymph daughter of Admetus and Alcestis who was turned into a dandelion. Esmeralda: A Spanish name meaning emerald, Esmeralda is also the name of the gypsy girl in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. This powerful name conjures images of warrior princesses. Love of God; derived from Latin Amare "to love" and Deus "God". Portia De Rossi, Portia Freeman, Portia Woodman, and Portia Dawson are famous namesakes. In direct reference to the wood, this name means strong. Al Capone- The most infamous gangster of the 1920s, who finally met his end in prison. Another common surname with this meaning is Taylor.. Aous The name Aous is of Arabic origin and means "Compensation, revenge, bestowal, bestowal". Copyright 2011 - 2023 MomJunction Private Limited. Can also be used as a given name. Her name means black or dark. Dark female names are not as easy to come by as dark male names, but these beauties fit the bill. "Revenge is a dish best served cold." No, let's try a different one. There was a time when most parents did not like giving negative names to their children. Tyr: This Norse name means god of war. Its perfect for parents who want their child to grow up to be a brave and courageous warrior. A name with Scandinavian roots, it means thunder. 49.Blade (English origin) meaning the cutting edge of a knife. We have collected names like Lilith for girls, which can be quite empowering or popular names like Damon, suitable for a naughty little boy. Achak is an Algonquin name that happens to be of Native American background, meaning spirit. The kanji * denotes bad luck, misfortune, atrociousness, and evil. Jinx or Jynx means charm in English. 3. In German, this name means the warriors wrath. Can also be used as a given name. Aafreen - This is a name of Indian origin meaning 'anger'. The names below all have the meaning destruction in Japanese. Alastair The name Alastair is of English origin and means "The avenger.". Shammoth is a Christian name of Israeli origin that means desolations. Leviathan: A sea monster from Judeo-Christian tradition. 47.Valkyrie (Scandinavian origin) meaning Chooser of the Slain. Your email address will not be published. 68.Dexter (Latin origin) meaning dyer or right-handed. 30.Diesel (German origin) meaning fuel. Athena: In Greek mythology, Athena was the goddess of wisdom and warfare. Her name means hidden or secret. Doomsday: The day of final reckoning, Judgment Day. Oedipus- A man who killed his father and married his mother, only to have it all come back to haunt him, 5. Here are a few baby names you can choose from: 57.Adrienne (Latin origin) meaning "the dark one". Wow your relatives and closest friends with these unique baby announcement ideas! Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. I love Languages are trademarks or registered trademarks of the George Lucas Educational Foundation in the U.S. and other countries. Aisha Muslim baby name which means alive or she who lives. The Indian origin name, Hatitosa, is an exact description of a mischievous person that highlights their courage. Derived from the color red, the name is associated with danger, power, and beauty. If youre on the hunt for a name for your little one that signifies strength, power, or destruction, then consider one of these monikers. Fenris: A giant wolf from Norse mythology who is said to be the son of Loki. His name means adversary or accuser. For some, death is the most powerful force or being and darkness can symbolize the unexpected or that which is feared. 8.Keres (Greek origin) meaning evil spirits. Phoenix: This name is perfect for parents who want their child to be strong and resilient. 3. It is popular because celebrities such as Cate Blanchett and Helen Fielding (of Bridget Jones fame) have named their children Dashiell. These names will also give your child a unique way to introduce themself when they are older. 2. Finn: Finn is a name of Irish and Scottish origin that means fair or white. It can also be translated to mean destroyer.. From the Greek roots Praxis meaning Action, and Dike meaning Judgement or Justice. Appolyon: The angel of the bottomless pit in Christian demonology. Also the name of a constellation and a moon of Saturn. 4. Expecting a baby with dark hair, or eyes, or skin, or simply looking for a name that means (or suggests) darkness? Angrboda: A giantess and sorceress in Norse mythology, mother of Fenrir, Hel and Jormungandr by Loki. The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey includes the names of all the infernal demons, including those listed, for your little demon baby. Alke: A goddess of war in Germanic mythology. Top Baby Names at a Glance: Most Popular Names of 2021, Warrior Goddess of destructive warfare, Egyptian, Warrior Goddess of destructive warfare, Greek. Rajnandini is an art lover and enthusiastically likes to spread her knowledge. Typhon: A giant from Greek mythology who fought against Zeus and was defeated. The name means protector and shepherd in Greek mythology. Intisar f & m Arabic, Urdu Means "victory, triumph, revenge" in Arabic. It is derived from the Hebrew word har megiddo, which means mountain of Megiddo.. Bellona The Roman goddess of war. Lorelei is a name of German origin that means ambush cliff. It is based on a legend about a girl who lured fishermen off a cliff. What we suggest is selected independently by the Kidadl team. Jormungandr: The world-serpent from Norse mythology. It appears that the term has entered Japan fairly recently, though it is used in a completely different context. Nemesis: The goddess of retribution in Greek mythology. Torin: Scottish form of Old Norse Thorir, meaning thunder., 10. Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. Yes. Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and stylish names for Revenge. Alastor is an avenging spirit in Greek mythology. Since the dawn of civilization, flowers have carried symbolic importancewitness the verse from the "Song of Solomon": "I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys." However, floriographya symbolic language in which various plants and flowers are assigned such meanings as . Being a postgraduate in Human Resources from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, she Infographic: Baby Names That Mean Chaos Or Trouble. Can also be used as a given name. Malaika: Swahili name meaning angel, 17. Azazel is a biblical name derived from Hebrew and means scapegoat. Azazel was the name of the recipient of a sacrificial goat. Can also be used as a given name. Shivani - This is the Hindi Goddess Parvati. It is of Scottish origin and means winding valley.. Her name means "life and death". She loves to let her words captivate the world and writes regularly for online publications. The name also has English origins, meaning land by the road.. 61.Jinx (Latin origin) meaning "die another day". Kendra: An English name derived from the Gaelic ceanndearg, Kendra means struggle or contention., 6. It is derived from Old Norse valr, which means chooser of the slain., Aridam is a relatively new name of Indian origin. Catura This word means "clever" in Bangla. What is the meaning of the name Revanche? Kyoufu (pronounced ) is a Japanese word for fear.. 8. 1. Also the name of a planet, an asteroid, and a moon of Jupiter. Its a strong, powerful name with a dark meaning. A japanese surname is Busujima (Kanji:,, or ) and is pronounced as follows: Hideyuki Busujima (born 1952/1953), a Japanese billionaire businessman, is the son of Kunio Busujima. Her name means lot or share. Can be linked to the superhero, Blade. Hunter is a unisex name that was originally a surname. Paine is derived from Payne, which in turn was derived from the Latin paganus that means heathen. In earlier times, pagan meant rural or rustic., Rowden is a place near Hereford where the Rowdens lived. 39.Sameal (Hebrew origin) meaning Venom of God. Then there's the late, great ballerina Bryony Brind . 51.Cain (Hebrew origin) meaning spear or possessed. There are also some unisex names that carry these meanings, such as Chaos and Catastrophe. In the Bible, Thatcher is the name of one of the five cities that was destroyed by Sodom and Gomorrah. By joining Kidadl you agree to Kidadls Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receiving marketing communications from Kidadl. Popularized by actress Thora Birch of American Beauty and Ghost World fame, this name ( which means "thunder goddess," and which is derived from the name of the male Norse god of Thunder, Thor) may refer to a violent phenomenon, but it's a wonderful nature-inspired moniker, nonetheless. 10. Although some might consider it unkind to give your baby an evil or dark name, those monikers are often inspired by powerful and revered people, places, or things. The locusts have wings, lions' teeth, human faces, and tails with a scorpion stinger. We have the answer to this age-old question, plus reasons why they aren't. 50.Breaker (English origin) meaning trouble. 6.Harley (English origin) meaning hares meadow. Hes known for his courage and strength in battle. In this post, we have combined several beautiful names that mean chaos. Derived from the Ancient Scandinavian Hvarr that means high guardian. Her name means veiled one or old woman. Ayuna ( Japanese origin), the name means "bloody" or "red". Jett is the name of a mineral. Find Your Shade Today, 17 Benefits of Semen Retention You Probably Dont Know About, Female Dark Cover Up Tattoos: 20 Ideas to Consider, Top 12 Trendy Asian Men Hairstyles for an Impeccable Look. 4. Anastasia Greek baby name which means resurrection. Achilles: A hero of Greek mythology whose death was caused by a poisoned arrow to his heel, the only vulnerable spot on his body. In Celtic mythology, the rowan tree was believed to offer protection from evil spirits. We hope you love our recommendations for products and services! Sophina A modern and unique name, Sohpina means "wisdom, ship.". The name Akumu is a Japanese word meaning nightmare.. Malice: Intentional harm or evil done by one person to another. 3. Sadness and sorrow are natural parts of life. This African name means dead and awake., Brenna is possibly a variation of Brenda or Brennan. 1. Pele The Hawaiian warrior goddess of fire and volcanoes. Blaze: This name is perfect for a little firecracker of a child. It could mean famous protector or fighting fury.. His name is often used as a synonym for Hell.

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